About Us

TaskTape was born of the frustration of doing a home renovation. Our founder, a professional software solutions architect, worked together with his wife to plan a home renovation for their first home purchase together.

The job started with the experience of telling a “sales person” what they wanted. They then heard the retelling of those requirements in many different forms, from many different mouths, often quite incorrectly, throughout the course of the job.

Time and again workers would show up with no actual idea of the specifics of what they were there for, only the general instructions such as “You need a light installed right?”  “You need some tile laid right?”  All things that were expressed in painstaking detail up front, either miscommunicated or not communicated at all.

For a professional problem solver, the natural conclusion to such events is “there has got to be a better way”.  Thus TaskTape was born. Since the beginning of the idea phase of the project, what has made it the most exciting is that nearly every person we talk to about it 1. understands the problem 2. understands the solution, 3. almost immediately sees a use for the solution in their own life, often in an entirely different type of project.

We are incredibly excited to be bringing this simple yet invaluable tool to many different markets.

WalkThrough is our first version which is a general purpose tool for consistent communication across a projects actors.  We have planned several other industry-specific versions that help to also impose “workflows and rules” relevant to Realtors, Building Inspectors, and others.